Deer leather

"A soft classic"

 deer leather - Kokkolan Nahka Oy

In the 19th century, many Finns immigrated to North America.Immigrants wanted to remember their old homeland by sending what they thought of as “the most beautiful animal in the New World” as a gift to Finland. The small deer population gained plenty of living space in Finnish forests, and by the end of the century, white-tailed deer had become the second most important game animal. The white-tailed deer feeds on grass, tree leaves and needles, mushrooms, and berries. It can be spotted grazing on a forest opening at dusk.

The soft and light deerskin has become a classic among luxury leathers. The leather has a refined and luxurious feel, and its timeless beauty makes it a very versatile material. This hardwearing leather is supple and warm with a beautiful grain texture.

We also produce vegetable-tanned deerskins. The treatment highlights the skin’s natural softness even more.

Customer reviews

“Ultra-light, luxurious soft leather”

“Deerskin leather is naturally super soft and supple.”

“Deer leather is a sustainable choice.”

“Perfect combination of elegance, longevity and strength.”

“Feels absolutely exquisite.”

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