Elk leather- The world’s thickest soft leather

elk leather

Our most popular product is Nordic elk leather, which has a richness that makes it stand out among all other leathers. The softness, thickness, durability, and workability of elk leather are unique.  Elk Leather is available in different thicknesses (0.8-4.0 mm) and in various colors. 

In Northern conditions, the hide must protect the animal from the cold and heat, so both breathability and heat insulation are essential. These features are also present in the tanned leather and that's why elk leather is in a league of its own when it comes to shoes and gloves. Elk leather has ability to adapt to the human body in terms of temperature and shape is unique and it is well suited for use throughout the year.

All our shoe leathers are water repellant and they are suitable for outdoor shoes as well as comfort and special shoes. Different features and article characteristics you can find from our material bank. You can easily choose a right leather for your needs!

Elk leather is a valuable and rare raw material, because it has very limited availability. Elk requires a very specific living environment, and it is not possible to move the population to new areas. Elk cannot be kept in captivity or domesticated as farmed animals - it will remain free in the future as well. Exotic yet still ethical and ecological leather is a rare find. 

The elk species found in Finland, Alces alces, is called moose in North American English. To complicate things further, ‘elk’ is in North American English used to refer to a completely different species of deer. 

Emotion-inducing leather

In developing new products, feel is one of our main starting points. In addition to technical features, the leather must feel right to the touch. We want our leather to awaken the senses and to make a lasting impression on the users. The softness of genuine leather is an inimitable quality and can communicate luxury, safety, warmth and wellbeing.

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