"The world’s thickest soft leather"

Elk leather

Our most popular product is Nordic elk leather, which has a richness that makes it stand out among all other leathers. The softness, thickness, durability, and workability of this leather are unique.

Elk is often called the king of the forest. A full-grown male can weigh over 600 kg, and is an impressive sight with its wide horns.

The elk has been a part of Finnish wildlife since the Stone Age, and has an important role in the mythology of our nation. It was a sacred animal for the ancient people. And as a rare catch, no part of the elk was left unused. These same principles are still followed by modern hunters, and by us.

Elk leather is a sustainable choice.  As undomesticated animals, elks are truly at home in the wild, away from humans. They find everything they need in the pristine wilderness. Elk hunting in Finland is controlled by law, in order to ensure that elk populations are kept at sustainable levels.

The elk species found in Finland, Alces alces, is called moose in North American English. To complicate things further, ‘elk’ is in North American English used to refer to a completely different species of deer.  Luckily we are able to offer our customers both of these, i.e. Scandinavian moose hides and deerskins.

 Customer reviews

“The extremely rare and valuable elk leather from Scandinavian forests is among the finest leathers in the world.”

“Luxurious leather”

“Butter-soft and supremely comfortable”

“Naturally breathable, water-resistant leather with a light water-repellent, stain resistant finish.”

“Alce Soft is a prized elk leather sourced in Finland with a fine, regular natural grain and silky soft consistency reminiscent of cashmere”

“Soft and warm – those are the most significant characteristics of this unique leather.”

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