Family business creates lasting ownership

Family business creates lasting ownership
We are a third-generation family company, so when we say that running a family business is a core value for us, we really mean it. The family aspect of our business reveals itself most prominently in the way that we respect the traditions of our industry and always promote sustainability.

To us, being a family business also means that we believe that owners make a difference. We want to be the face of our company. We also want play an active role in our community, so we regularly sponsor clubs and associations and make an annual donation to a nature conservation project.

Member of the Finnish Family Firms Association

We want to be part of the family businesses community, which is why we belong to the Finnish Family Firms Association, the cooperation organisation for Finnish family companies. The Finnish Family Firms Association is the proud voice of responsible and committed Finnish business owners, striving to ensure that Finland is and will continue to be a good place to run and own a business and employ people.

Our company shares the Association’s values. Trust, transparency, family-centredness and continuity are values that guide our work every day. You can read more about how we work here.

Through our multi-generational business and our membership in the Finnish Family Firms Association, we are helping build sustainable Finnish ownership.