Leather of Kokkolan

Emotion-inducing leather

In developing new products, feel is one of our main starting points. In addition to technical features, the leather must feel right to the touch. We want our leather to awaken the senses and to make a lasting impression on the users. The softness of genuine leather is an inimitable quality and can communicate luxury, safety, warmth and wellbeing.


Exclusive and exotic

The wilderness can be felt and seen in our products.  We have an exclusive raw material that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Maintaining its natural character is a matter of pride for us. In practice this means that there will be minor natural imperfections such as scratches and light abrasions visible in the finished product. Each hide is a unique and genuine natural product.


“The world’s thickest soft leather”


“Shelter for all seasons”


“A soft classic”

Leather Care