Where we are

Kokkolan Nahka

In the middle of nowhere – yet everywhere

In this small Kotkamaa village, nature is part of everyday life. We live and work in the tranquility of the countryside, in the classic Finnish landscape. Our factory yard is right next to a thick spruce forest. From there you can hike all the way to the Russian border, 500 km away, along wilderness trails without ever passing through a town. Our raw material comes from these forests.


Extreme Conditions

In winter, the temperature can fall to as low as -30 °C. The sun is visible for a short while only, and the day is only four hours long. Located close to the Artic Circle, we have the midnight sun in summer, i.e. dusk lasts only a few hours in the early hours of the day. Daytime summer temperatures can be up to + 30 °C. Our factories operate throughout the year regardless of the extreme variation in conditions. We take advantage of each four season and optimize our working methods in accordance with the nature’s own rhythm.


Easy trading

Logistics is extremely efficient! There is an airport, harbour, and railway station within a 20 km radius, allowing us to make deliveries anywhere in the world. At present, we trade in 25 countries and are constantly expanding our operations.